The history of Kodulehe Haldus – our website management business

The IT competences of our team members are diverse and experienced. We have more than 15 years of experience in the IT field and our specialists have a university degree in IT. We are proud of our diverse range of certifications, which reflects our commitment to continuous self-improvement. Our team has gained valuable experience in both large and small projects.

In the past, our team has worked with a variety of large IT-related companies, spanning sectors such as energy, banking, fintech, crypto money, medicine and defence. This diverse experience gives us a unique understanding of the needs of different sectors and enables us to provide high-quality solutions to a diverse range of clients.

To date, we have served clients internationally in more than 30 countries: in Finland, Sweden, the UK, the USA, Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The company is based on 100% Estonian capital.

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