Using SSL is very important and getting one is not difficult at all, explained Voog platform sales and marketing manager Veiko Strauss.

What is SSL?

On the technical side, it could be very simply said that HTTPS is a secure, encrypted web connection created using an SSL certificate. Every time you enter a website or do something there, you send a request to the server of the website and receive the information you asked for. If this two-way exchange of information takes place over an unencrypted HTTP connection, it is, figuratively speaking, the same as dissecting your personal problems with a ruffian on the town hall square. Anyone who wants to can eavesdrop on the communication between you and the website.

It is true that in some cases this may be completely acceptable, taking into account the content of the communication, but the issue of privacy becomes especially important when the website asks for your email address, password or other data that should not be shared with everyone. So, to put it simply, HTTPS represents a secure communication channel between a website and its visitor, and it is not possible for third parties to eavesdrop on this communication.

How to get a certificate?

Getting an SSL certificate is actually not difficult. It can be purchased in the same way as different domains. With a quick search, you can find a number of different certificate providers from which to choose the provider that suits you. The most important thing about a certificate is that it is issued by a recognized certification center.

Since basically anyone can create their own SSL certificates, it is important to monitor which provider’s certificates are considered reliable by different browsers. For example, a list of who Firefox trusts can be found here.

I myself would recommend Comodo certificates. Comodo is a recognized provider whose certificates are also offered by Web hosting. In addition to paid SSL certificates, it is actually possible to get an SSL certificate for free. Among the free certificate providers, I recommend Let’s Encrypt i.

What to do with this certificate is up to you. If you have sufficient IT knowledge, there is no question. However, if you do not have in-depth IT knowledge, I recommend contacting your service provider to obtain an SSL certificate. If you have built your website on a software-based solution such as WordPress, contact the company that offers you a web hosting service. In general, there should be no problems in obtaining and deploying an SSL certificate in this case.

However, if you use a service-based solution such as Wix, Weebly or Voog, it may happen that the platform on which you have built your website does not allow you to transfer your website to a secure HTTPS connection. We ourselves offer free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to all customers at Voo and the possibility of using paid certificates, but if you have created your website with another provider, I definitely recommend that you find out if there is SSL support there.

What benefits does the page administrator get from using SSL?

There are three important points I would like to make.

First an SSL certificate gives credibility to a website. What does it mean? An SSL certificate confirms that the website the visitor landed on is indeed yours. When issuing certificates, the background of the applicant for the certificate is checked and it is determined that the applicant is indeed who he claims to be. Thus, the SSL certificate provides a guarantee that the visitor reached the page he wanted to reach.

Another important benefit concerns all those who ask for some kind of data from visitors on their site. Since the communication between the website and its visitor is encrypted, it is not possible for third parties with bad intentions to eavesdrop on it. From the site administrator’s point of view, this ensures that no visitor’s data falls into the wrong hands. If the SSL certificate is not used, customers’ e-mail addresses, bank information and sensitive personal data may be leaked. Considering all the reputational damage and possible lawsuits, it would therefore be wiser to move your website to an HTTPS connection as soon as possible.

The Third benefit concerns search engines. Namely, large corporations like Google are interested in the online space becoming more and more secure. Therefore, SSL is one of the factors that positively affects your site’s position in search results. In addition, some browsers will display a warning before entering sites that do not run on an HTTPS connection that the site is not secure. I believe that no company wants a customer to come across such a message when coming to their site.

What is the benefit for the website user?

In short, the benefit to the page user is that he can trust the web page. By looking at the SSL certificate, you can make sure that the owner of the website is really who he claims to be. If a website offers an exciting newsletter, you can safely leave your email address on the site with an HTTPS connection, without fear of it falling into the wrong hands. However, all users should pay special attention to the presence of an SSL certificate when visiting an online store. If the online store operates on an unencrypted HTTP connection, I recommend avoiding it with a big bow, because the bank data you enter is sweet prey for bad guys.

Whether a particular web page is protected by an SSL certificate can be understood by the padlock icon or the abbreviation HTTPS in the address bar. If the website uses a powerful paid certificate, there is a green box with the name of the company in front of the website address. If any of these signs are present, you can continue surfing without worry.

Should every website use this certificate?

Yes, I think so. I believe that a more secure web is better for all of us, and given all of the above, I think it’s foolish not to use an SSL certificate. Creating an HTTPS connection to your website is not a big effort, and as said, you can get a certificate for free. So if you have the opportunity to improve the find ability of your website, the security of customer data and show yourself as a serious brand, you should definitely use this opportunity.