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The European Union’s new data protection law GDPR is the most important data protection law in the last 20 years – and it also directly affects online businesses operating in Estonia. The law entered into force on May 28, 2018, and violators face hefty fines. It is a pan-European law and it also applies to cross-border business – you may be sued from another country!

Who does this law concern?
It concerns all organizations operating in the European Union, as well as organizations operating outside the EU that provide goods and services to EU citizens.
Why is GDPR necessary?
Web visitors have become increasingly immune to advertising because there is just so much noise. GDPR reduces unnecessary communication noise.
The most important thing is consent, consent, consent
In order to obtain consent for data processing from web visitors, web page owners must clearly describe:
  • who collects the data;
  • why data is collected;
  • who uses the data;
  • how the data is used;
  • give the visitor the opportunity to check and remove their data;
  • notify visitors of possible leaks.
Visitor consent must be clear and proactive. Pre-populated boxes, opt-outs and default consents are no longer allowed. The visitor must actively consent to receive information from the website and process his/her data.
Contact Us info@onlinesysadmin.com and we will install a GDPR-compliant module on your website and add texts describing data collection!