The website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that the website sends to the cookie file on the user’s computer. There are two types of cookies.

  • Persistent cookies remain permanently in the cookie file of your computer. They may be used, for example, to recognize that you are a repeat visitor of the page and to adapt the content of the website according to your needs and to collect statistical data.
  • Session cookies are temporary and are deleted when you leave the website or close your browser. Session cookies may be used to enable certain functions of the page, such as logging in and opening various topics.

Cookies are used to provide a better user experience on the website. Cookies allow our web servers to recognize the user and automatically adapt content to the user’s needs when they visit the page. The use of cookies also helps us identify our user’s needs more easily. They provide us with usage statistics that allow us to measure and improve the performance of our website.

Our cookies may be created by various service providers who help us provide our online services. Examples of these are Google and Facebook. Website users are expected to accept the use of cookies if cookies are enabled in their browser settings. If you disable cookies, many of the services and functions of our website may be limited. For example, the page may not remember your personal settings.

You can always choose whether you want to allow cookies on your website or not. If you do not want to allow cookies, you can automatically disable cookies in the settings of your web browser or be notified in each individual case if a website requires a cookie to be added. To make the necessary settings, please refer to the help function of your web browser.


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