WordPress quickly rolled out the 4.9.4 update to users, as the previous update broke the automatic page refresh system, thus creating a dangerous situation.

For a long time, WordPress pages have been able to update themselves to a new version when this feature is turned on. However, there is a bug in version 4.9.3, due to which updates do not work, and the only way is to update the page manually. If the version has been updated to 4.9.4, the updates will work again automatically.

In some cases, web service hosts can also update web pages themselves if such agreements have been concluded.

However, in the form of a bug, it is a very dangerous situation: if users are used to automatic page updates, they were upgraded to version 4.9.3. However, things will get stuck there if the user himself does not hear about it and does not update the website.

Therefore, it is very important that the message also reaches those web page owners who do not constantly follow the news of online topics.

The article originally appeared on the Veebimajutus blog.