It’s useful to occasionally look at your own online environment, as well as that of your customers and competitors, to understand how you can support them to increase sales. I recently did another such analysis.

To sum up:

many companies do not invest enough in marketing and web development.

often rely on outdated and free solutions

people are used to thinking that IT should be free, because decades ago it was possible to get hacked Windows and Office with trojan horses for free.

They wonder why similar free solutions don’t work as well today and why the IT world doesn’t offer them as much magic as it used to.

The internet is full of forgotten websites gathering dust that no one can find anymore. Don’t let your business end up like this.

Unfortunately, the whole web and IT environment is changing at an ever-increasing pace, and what worked yesterday may be obsolete today, requiring constant adaptation.

Clients who have realised that they need to keep up with technological advances are seeing their online businesses and other businesses grow.

Question “How much should I invest?” is not straightforward because every business is different.

Some good guidelines to follow:

Around 3-5% of a company’s turnover could be spent on IT and 10-20% on marketing. A few simple steps can help to achieve better results:

1. Invest in faster web browsing, as the cheapest option may not always meet the resources needed to maintain visually attractive websites.

2. Invest in a higher quality SEO plugin that already includes AI technology. Find out what AI can do for you.

3. The internet is full of free learning materials. It is useful to keep up to date and learn new skills. Invest time in learning and development.

PS! Don’t spend a lot of money on expensive AI and other training. They may not be the most useful. Instead of 1000-2000 eur AI training, put to work for example google ads.
AI can even teach you for free
The internet is full of affordable training opportunities from $7 to $25. Try and see. If you have the time and the money, it is definitely worth learning from experts who are masters in their field.

Feel free to ask me for more information and advice on how to make your website more functional!