Every day we work to restore websites that have been attacked and are full of planted viruses (malware). If the home page is not reliable, it will be put on the global spam list and removed from the search engine, and access to the home page will be blocked from web browsers. When attacks are carried out on websites, the performance of the website’s servers is exhausted and customers can no longer navigate to the infected website.

Example: The customer’s e-shop was repeatedly attacked and because of this the homepage was down for several hours. It took a whole day’s work to fix it, the client suffered a financial loss because the website did not work, and the transactions did not take place when the server was under the load of the attack and could no longer be found.

Then why would you do it?
Often attempts are made to steal customer data in order to resell it. Unfortunately, people use the same passwords for their accounts in many places, even for paid transactions. Customer data is also stolen in order to display false information to customers and take them to third-party sites.

If you want to prevent this from happening to your website, we recommend installing a “WAF” firewall on your website. For this, we recommend taking Wordfence Premium for yourself, the annual fee of which is < strong>99 eur! Which is enough to block and filter such attacks, and to scan the existing homepage already. If you need something even stronger, we recommend taking Sucuri

A protected homepage is reliable and always found by search engines!

Don’t forget that the website needs monthly maintenance, modules and engine updates that include security improvements and optimize the website. For this, I recommend joining the website management packages that suit you.

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